MDMB-4en-PINACA is a new designer drug designed for research and forensic applications.

Toxicological and physiological properties of MDMB-4en-PINACA have not been studied.

Storage conditions: in a cool and dry place. Storage time: up to 2 years subject to proper storage conditions.

Synonyms MDMB-4en-PINACA
IUPAC  N-(1-carbamoyl-2,2-dimethylpropyl)-1-(pent-4-enyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
Formula C19H26N4O2
Molecular weight 342.44
Appearance  powder
Purity ≥98%

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      1. I myself am looking for major buisness location US ..demand very high ….need A1 product….ready for samples if possible. Willing to pay …or how ever you see fit to get the ball rolling….really need reliability ..thank you ..

  2. Amigo estou no Brasil procuro fornecedor de produtos A1. Gostaria de mais detalhes !

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